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Born from the desire to draw a smile on the faces of people whose daily lives are darkened, the Clinicoeurs strive to infuse a dose of joy and tenderness in nursing homes, to offer various therapeutic items for pediatric and adult oncology in hospital environments. ‘The sweetest HAPPINESS is the one we SHARE.’ (Jacques Delille)

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The services we offer


The Cliniclowns aim to improve the well-being of sick and vulnerable children and adults in hospitals and other institutions. Moments of interaction with respect, calmness, and good humor. Nothing but happiness!

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The Clinitalents put everyone’s talent at the service of others. The team consists of seamstresses, handymen, artists, therapy dogs, and more. Their creations, sold in their shop and offered in hospital settings (Oncology, Pediatrics, etc.), contribute in part to the self-financing of the nonprofit organization.

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The Clinijuniors meet with the elderly to share a friendly moment together. This intergenerational contact allows each party to enjoy a pleasant exchange. A little ray of sunshine brightens the lives of everyone involved.

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The Clinisnoezs apply the Snoezelen philosophy, which allows for the stimulation or soothing of the five senses to revive buried memories, distract, relax, and establish connections. Sensory stimulation is encouraged through music, light games, vibrations, tactile sensations, and olfactory experiences.

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Become a volunteer at Clinicoeurs.

Nothing could be simpler! You are motivated. You have time and energy. You resonate with our philosophy. You enjoy human interaction and are willing to commit regularly. Then, come and explore our various services before choosing your path. The door is wide open, the Clinicoeurs family can grow at any time.

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Congratulations to them for this wonderful work.

Bravo for this painstaking work which makes great things happen. You are the base of the pyramid.

What a good atmosphere.

It's a real hive and almost all the bees are at work! And it buzzes, it buzzes.

You have become essential for these good times now, everyone appreciates...well done.

Thanks for a good day!

You are great.

Great team.

You are all rays of sunshine. Bravo for these shared smiles.

So many happy people thanks to you, it’s nice to see. Thank you to all of you.