Volunteer evening June 30

This Friday, June 30, Suzanne and Luc, our President and Vice-President invited all the volunteers to a BBQ at Faix du Diable in Wanne.

It was under a bright sun that the volunteers and their spouses gathered around 5 p.m. in this magnificent place in the middle of the forest. Once the aperitif was served, our Vice-President, Tchafète (her clown name), took the floor to thank all the members of the Asbl for the wonderful work accomplished during this year. The opportunity for her to honor the people who have worked since its creation in 2018. A small gift was given to them. Suzanne also introduced the new volunteers. Marie-jeanne Payon-Gaspar, on behalf of the sales hostesses, took the floor to retrace the evolution of the store and the multiple activities linked to it (inventory, product coding, creation of windows, etc.). She recalled that the year 2022 and the beginning of 2023 were “communication” years: reporting carried out by TV Lux in our premises and the La Bouvière rest home, articles published in numerous newspapers such as Vlan, La Meuse, ‘Future of Luxembourg and finally the presentation of our non-profit organization in various radio broadcasts: Fun radio, J.C. Decerf’s morning show on Viva Luxembourg, Michaël Pacem’s “les ambassadors” show on vivacité, a few short occasional messages from Gaëtan Bartosz on Radio Contact, …. The opportunity to make our great association known. Marie-Jeanne also transmitted the audio-visual clip of our godfather Gaëtan Bartosz, who, unfortunately could not be with us, but joined our celebration with this kind message. Finally, she thanked all the people who work in the shadows. Everyone then placed their culinary preparations on the large buffet table, then got busy cooking their meats. We didn’t miss anything!! The meal took place in joy and good humor. Everyone was also able to enjoy the excellent tiramisu offered by our Vice-President.

The evening ended as it began. THANK YOU again to all these volunteers who bring our beautiful motto to life: “the sweetest happiness is the one we share” J.Delile. Motto, once again very much alive during this friendly moment.