July 21: a special day for our Vice-President

July 21st National Holiday This July 21, 2023 will remain a day marked in the memory of our Vice-President and all Clinicoeurs volunteers.

Indeed, our “Tchafète”, Suzanne, our Vice-President, received a personal invitation to participate in the grandstand of the July 21 parade in Brussels among the 50 heroes welcomed by the “Be.Heroes” association. “Be.Heroes wants to celebrate the people who mobilize every day for their neighbors, the heroes of our society. The royal palace and Anneliese Verlinden, the Minister of the Interior, support this initiative. “It’s an opportunity to highlight committed people, people who give their time and do their best for the country.” These are the objectives pursued by this great citizen initiative. Obviously Suzanne who, often in the shadows, devotes all her time to the non-profit organization was a person who deserved this spotlight. Marie-Jeanne, a volunteer member, therefore sent, without her knowledge, Suzanne’s application with a description of this heroine and her daily actions. You can consult “Suzanne the Lucy Luke of the projects” on the Be.Heroes.be website     https://www.beheroes.be/fr/story/clinicoeur-suzanne And on July 11, an email made this application official. Suzanne and Marie-Jeanne were invited on July 21 to Brussels to join the 49 other heroes at the Tribune of Honor to attend the National Day parade. On the appointed day, our heroine took the train to the capital and at 1:30 p.m. joined the P3 stand to sit among the 50 selected heroes. You know the rest if you watched the television reports broadcast that day. Suzanne did not go unnoticed! Laurent Henrard, journalist at RTBF, interviewed our heroine during Ophélie Fontana’s afternoon show. A little stressed but still at ease, Suzanne presented the non-profit organization “les Clinicœurs de la Salm” and their primary objective: the well-being of people. She insisted that she was there as a representative of all the volunteers of the association.

A very nice recognition for Suzanne and all the volunteers in our big-hearted family.