Visit from our sponsor Gaëtan Bartosz, radio presenter at RTBF (Tipik)

Effervescence among clinicians this Saturday, September 2! No, no, it wasn’t the start of the school year that delighted our volunteers, but the arrival of our sponsor Gaëtan! 2:30 p.m. marks his arrival in our store.

The tone is immediately set, humor, good humor, enthusiasm, selfies, group photos, etc. After the welcome ritual, our volunteers gather around a little drink, what better way to welcome our sponsor under a radiant sun. Inducted in February 2022, Gaëtan gets news about the non-profit organization in general, gives his good advice and congratulates the volunteers for their investment in the association. Then, while discovering the new products in our store, he takes multiple selfies praising their qualities, he shows off a wooden bow tie, dresses himself in a magic hat, a scarf, etc. In short, a real model! Thanks Godfather! Never short of ideas, everyone exchanges with him.

5:30 p.m., the time to part ways already arrives, not without planning a new meeting despite his busy schedule. He’ll be back soon, that’s for sure! Our sponsor shares the same values as us within the non-profit organization: sowing joy, happiness, sharing. THANK YOU to our sponsor for your infectious enthusiasm, your support, your good advice, etc., your good humor. THANK YOU to our sponsor for flying the colors of our non-profit organization high.