The Clinitalents

Our team of volunteers consists of professionals from various fields such as sewing, DIY, arts, aesthetics, and elderly care animation. We also have specialized facilitators for therapeutic visits with animals.

Clinitalents premises with 3 volunteers sewing with sewing machines

Who are the Clinitalents ?

Clinitalents are dedicated volunteers who devote their free time to designing items to help those in greatest need and for sale in our shop. Their work is very diverse, and all types of skills are needed.

5 clinitalents from the ASBL Clinicoeurs around a sewing table

Our Various Activities

Animal Visitors

As the saying goes, “animals are man’s best friend.” So, why not bring them together to share a moment of happiness and companionship?


Our creative workshops allow volunteers to escape from the daily worries for a few hours, clear their minds, and practice their art together.

Meal Assistance

Every week, a team of seamstresses comes together to create a multitude of therapeutic and other objects intended for donations and for sale.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

With our professional embroiderer, we are capable of creating any text and images you desire on any surface with any writing style.

Seated Dance

You don’t need to be on your feet to dance. Our seated dances provide fun while being comfortably seated.

Interested in Becoming a Clinitalent ?

If you can sew, knit, crochet, do DIY, and enjoy human contact, and you have free time, then you could join our team of Clinitalents.

Become a Clinitalents
2 cliniclowns, a clinitalents volunteer and the sponsor of the ASBL Clinicoeurs looking at the camera

Members of the Clinitalents team.

Pascale Clinisnoez

Fernande polyvalente

Paola crochet

Françoise crochet

Nicole crochet

Martine boutique

Corine étalagiste CHRAM

Bernadette crochet

Rita Polyvalente

Lucie accompagnante animation

Michelle couture

Pascale boutique

Jocelyne boutique

Faby boutique

Carine couture

Marie-Pierre artisanat

Marie-Rose administration

Madeleine couture

Marie-Noëlle et Lily animaux visiteurs

Jacky administration

Daniel reporter

Luc MacGyver

Marie-Jeanne boutique

Véronique montage vidéo

Martine boutique

Chantal couture

Josiane numérisation

Denise couture

Claudine couture

Yvette repassage

Suzanne broderie machine

Christian découd-vite

Anne thérapeute

Marie-Pierre artisanat

Kathleen pyrogravure

Christan MacGyver

Patricia boutique