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The Cliniclowns

Our team of Cliniclowns are relational clowns, not circus clowns. They visit people suffering in a hospital environment to provide them with a moment of dreams and fantasy in their daily lives, which can sometimes be overshadowed by the ups and downs of life.

Female cliniclowns blowing into a bubble toy during a performance for children

Who are the Cliniclowns?

The Cliniclowns, of all ages and both genders, are sensitive to the suffering of the beneficiaries and their needs. Through carefully chosen and targeted activities in collaboration with the institution’s staff, they involve the beneficiaries to the fullest extent. It is important for them to meet the expectations of the individuals they visit. Their goal is not to infantilize them but, on the contrary, to provide a presence, attentive listening, and whimsy in their daily lives. Much more than a comedian with a red nose, the cliniclown is a relational volunteer.

Become a cliniclowns
Four volunteer cliniclowns with cuddly toys from ASBL Clinicoeurs

Is training required to become a Cliniclown?

Cliniclowns typically undergo several months of practical and theoretical training before they can go out as a pair. They learn to create their clown character, improvise as a duo, develop their speech and movement abilities as clowns. They also learn to communicate in a respectful manner, be attentive, and understand human psychology to respond better. Each month, there is a ‘Clowntherapy’ session in their premises to evaluate their visits and draw the necessary conclusions for the improvement of their interventions.  

Four volunteer cliniclowns in different coloured costumes from the ASBL Clinicoeurs

Members of the team Cliniclowns







Tati Clown


Tonton Dédé




Who can contact us?

Currently, we are unable to accept new requests due to a shortage of volunteers.  

Become a cliniclowns
Three volunteer cliniclowns with balloons in the shape of animals from the ASBL Clinicoeurs

Our Special “Fur and Feather” Service

Animals accompany us during our visits to provide comfort and relaxation. Their presence brings smiles to children and the elderly, stimulates the hidden memories of the elderly, revives memories of the past, and facilitates easier communication.

A dog and a rabbit from the Poils et Plume department of the ASBL Clinicoeurs