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  • Who Can Purchase Our Products

    Our products are available to everyone, whether they are patients, residents of nursing homes, or individuals. Our service adapts to all your needs. Custom solutions.

  • Are the Products of High Quality

    Most of our creations are handmade. Our volunteers make every effort to produce well-crafted and neatly finished items. They also provide follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Do the Products Meet Safety Standards

    Carefully designed products adhere to safety standards. Among our volunteers, a seamstress specializes in safety standards (items for children, for the elderly, etc.).

  • Where Does the Merchandise Come From

    Nowadays, we purchase most of the materials. Occasionally, we do receive some as donations.

  • Why Should You Buy Our Products

    Our items are sold in our shop   and shipped, for example, through Mondial Relay…The profit from these sales allows us to: Cover various costs associated with the operation of our non-profit organization.  Make donations to people in need.  In short, it enables us to partially self-finance.

A volunteer clinicoeurs sewing with a sewing machine

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If you would like to ask us a question about a product, you can reach us by via the contact details below or via the contact form

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