The Clinisnoezs

Snoezelen, an activity not widely known to the general public, aims to stimulate or soothe beneficiaries in a secure environment that provides stimuli generating pleasure, well-being, and genuine comfort. It’s not just about treating the body to help the person.

Girl from Clinisnoezs touching a musical water column in a mauve atmosphere

We Provide Well-being

Clinisnoezs are volunteers who have undergone training (with Professor Marc Thiry) to stimulate or soothe through the five senses in the specially designed space.

Hands forming a heart sign in shadow on the wall of the ASBL Clinicoeurs

You Can Find This Activity

You can find the Clinisnoezs who offer this service directly at their premises. Come and pay them a visit.

Interior of the premises of the Clinisnoezs service of the ASBL Clinicoeurs

Members of the Clinisnoezs team